Charles Howard, Sailing Boats

Christmas Gift Tips for Art Lovers – Pictures

Julian-Christophers-pink-flowers-brown-vaseBuying pictures is fun, exciting and they make unique Christmas presents for art-lovers.  Buying a picture for a friend or partner is an expression of how you feel about them.  It shows you have given your gift thought, not just another pair of socks or navy blue jumper.

If you’re considering buying for an art lover this Christmas bear in mind:

  1. Pictures are not only decorative but they also give pleasure; buy what you touches you personally, regardless of who the artist is.
  2. Pictures last forever (rather like diamonds but usually MUCH cheaper) and can be the perfect reminder of people, places or events.
  3. Pictures decorate a room and can be an expression of who you are.
  4. You can display pictures easily, and there’s always room for one more!
  5. Pictures are certainly more fun than keeping money in a bank or having stocks and shares.
  6. The picture frame is very important.  The wrong one can kill a picture or at best add nothing to it, while the right frame will enhance it and make it ‘sing’!
  7. Sometimes it’s necessary to ‘big up’ a picture and the right frame can do that.  Framing can be an expensive business, so look out for antique frames in junk shops or markets, if you don’t get around to using it for a picture you can always slot in a mirror.
Christmas Gift Ideas




The Barbara Karn watercolours of slightly crazy birds are fun and great for a children’s bedroom.

Country Types


Pig Portrait

Another Barbara Karn watercolour, her pig portrait is a great Christmas gift idea for a ‘country’ type.

Cat Lovers


For those who love cats there are the 2 Sheila Oliner drawings (beautiful sure lined on handmade paper) one framed and the other just mounted and the fun red and black framed Bondage Cat by Faye Thompson

Sea Faring Types


Charles Howard, Sailing Boats

Sea farers might like the Charles Howard’s Dufy-like pastels of sailing boats.



And then there are lots of nudes framed and unframed by Angela Lyle and others.



Amongst the cheapest pics in the Under £500 are 2 v pretty unframed Anemones by Angela Lyle.

At Vanessa Clewes Salmon Modern & Contemporary Art we always have a section of original paintings and drawings under £500 and most are around £150-350.  We have chosen these pictures because they’re decorative, because we like the colours and shapes, because we admire that artist’s work, because the picture makes us smile or laugh or simply because we think it’s a good picture.   Everything in this section has been newly mounted and some have been carefully framed, so that’s a headache less for you, come and view at The Winter Show, our pop up contemporary and modern art show in Mayfair.

Some of the artists from our Under £500 section might reach dizzy heights one day, but in the meantime at Vanessa Clewes Salmon Modern & Contemporary Art we specialise in known artists.  As major artists can command major price tags (these things are all relative) we tend to buy smaller pieces by them, sometimes drawings, or pastels or sometimes if the price is right, even oils. A painting by a known artist will add caché to your home and we hope hold its value or possibly even add value.

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