Alan Davie

Names & Decorative Collectables for 2014

 The Winter ShowOur latest exhibition The Winter Show in Mayfair’s St George’s Street, confirmed that decorative pieces sell; that is, paintings by artists who are not household names but who are getting there. However it was abundantly clear that more and more people want to buy ‘names’, in other words known artists with a proven track record.

Buying simply as an ‘investment’ offers no guarantees; but if an artist has a substantial pedigree then his or her work tends, at the very least, to hold its value – it may well go up and is unlikely to plummet dramatically.  In any case a painting or drawing on your wall, which gives you pleasure every time you look at it, has to be more decorative and satisfying than a share certificate…

In the last few months we have bought some terrific pictures up and down the country. Our latest acquisition that will be available online in the new year is a large, early watercolour by the highly collectable and sought after Scottish artist, Alan Davie.  Influenced by Joan Mirό and Paul Klee, the explosive colours and strange mystical shapes in this large painting from the 1960s, give a slightly crazy feel to this painting which is both humorous and uplifting.

Alan Davie

In complete contrast is a serene still life by Mary Fedden who sadly died last year, and who must be one of the most popular British artists of the last decade.

Mary Fedden

Karel AppelWe are over the moon about the other abstract we have just acquired, it’s by Karel Appel the Dutch artist and consists of powerful, broad colourful brushstrokes.

Also available to celebrate the arrival of 2014 will be some great paintings!  We will continue to offer affordable decorative pieces but our emphasis will be on ‘names’ at attainable prices.

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