Art for Art's Sake Show

Oh for Art’s Sake!

Vanessa Clewes Salmon Modern & Contemporary Art is showing at The Art for Art’s Sake Show at 28 Cork Street in London W1, in the heart of Mayfair from 3-8 December from 10am-6pm, Monday to Saturday

We have joined forces with Andrew Usiskin Contemporary Art to launch this brand new event; we have ‘cherry picked’ 8 other exhibitors who will be showing their own work so you can also speak to the artists themselves, many are award winners and all have had one man shows.  Another interesting aspect is that almost all the exhibitors come from a different incarnation: rock musician to painter, accountant to painter, fashion designer to jeweller, graphic designer to cookery writer and ceramicist and even dog track owner to painter!

Between the 10 of us we are covering ceramics, jewellery, sculpture, photographs and painting.  We are very excited about this and we hope that you will come and say hello and have a look around.   We think this is a beautiful, eclectic and unusual show and everything is eminently ‘liveable with’.  But if you’re looking for a pickled shark or an unmade bed, this isn’t the show for you!

As Cork Street is parallel to Regent Street and Bond Street, do drop in when you’re Christmas shopping.  The Art for Art’s sake Show is a great place for unusual presents and prices start from £150-16,000.

Vanessa Clewes Salmon Modern& Contemporary Art has been putting the best pieces aside all year, specially for this show.  We will have lots of colourful affordable pieces, and, learning from past experience we have a great line in nudes!  Amongst our star pictures is a huge and very powerful abstract watercolour triptych by Sir Terry Frost in red, black, yellow and blue; a delicate Mary Fedden which appeared in her recent obituary in the newspapers; a group of colourful Fred Yates oils and a magnificent, large Philip Sutton oil painting of a wood.  Together with Andrew Usiskin Contemporary Art, we are also showing a charming set of hand coloured early lithographs by the great Andy Warhol, entitled In the Bottom of my Garden.  These 20 images are each framed in distressed silver and are of dumpy little putti frolicking amongst flowers.  The set has been signed and stamped by the all important Andy Warhol Authentication Board.  Obviously the look terrific all together but they are for sale sepatately.

So, do drop in as it would be lovely to meet you

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