2012 – Review

Well, Vanessa Clewes Salmon Modern & Contemporary Art ended 2012 on a high note.  The brand new Art for Art’s Sake Show was a great success – it was a lot of hard work but it was well worth the effort; it was busy throughout, we made many new contacts, we sold well as our colourful naive paintings proved popular and very important, it was fun. 

We are keeping the 20  handcoloured offset lithographs from In the Bottom of my Garden by Andy Warhol as a single set.  Dating from 1956 a few years before Warhol became the major exponent of American Pop Art, each picture is peopled with dumpy little putti frolicking amongst flowers; although they are probably the nearest Warhol ever got to whimsy, there is an underlying sexiness to the prancing!  Most of the pictures are handcoloured with touches of fluorescent pink, green, orange and blue, while the others are just as pretty in black and white.  The main image has the title, is signed, is dedicated to Mrs Demster in Julia Warhola’s hand (AW’s mother) AND it has the rubber stamp of the Andy Warhol Authentication Board.

Like most of the country, we are pretending to hibernate at the moment while it’s grey, damp and uninviting outside.  However we are keeping an eye out for interesting, colourful and uplifting paintings at affordable prices.  We’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, Happy New Year!

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