Andy Warhol (1928-1987)

Upper cover

In the Bottom of My Garden is an early work by Andy Warhol.  This charming and witty set of 20 handcoloured lithographs (including the title) was published by him in 1956 and it is interesting to note that a mere three or four years later, Warhol had become a leading exponent of the American Pop Art movement with  Dick Tracy (circa 1960), which is generally accepted as Warhol’s first Pop Art piece.

Each image from In the Bottom of my Garden is peopled with dumpy little putti frolicking amongst flowers, and it is probably the nearest Warhol got to whimsy, however on close inspection there is an underlying naughty sexiness to the prancing!

Most of the pictures are handcoloured with touches of fluorescent pink, orange, blue and green watercolour, while others are just as pretty but in black and white. These early images incorporate Warhol’s trademark irregular blotted lines and flat use of colour, which he learnt at college while training as a commercial artist. One could say that these putti mark the beginning of the artist’s artistic metamorphosis.

Warhol’s friend Charles Lisanby, an Emmy award-winning Production Designer, said that In the Bottom of my Garden was based on Cicely Mary Barker’s children’s book Flower Fairies of Autumn and the title came from the song made popular by Beatrice Lillie.

andy-warhol-signature-croppedIn the Bottom of my Garden by Andy Warhol is a complete set of 20 offset lithographs (including the title), 12 with extensive handcolouring in watercolour.  The main image has the title, is signed in black ink, is dedicated to Mrs Demster and is in Julia Warhola’s hand (Warhol’s mother); it has the all-important rubber stamp of the Andy Warhol Authentication Board and is numbered A118.100.  Overall size: 8 ¾ x 11inches (220x280mm).


In the Bottom of my Garden is offered as a set; each image has a handmade silver-leaf frame and the reverse has a facsimile of the front cover, the signature and the rubber stamp of the Authentication Board.

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